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amberinadawn's Journal

20 June
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Married for 17 years, two kids, three dogs, four cats, too many goats and a partridge in a pear tree. (Just kidding on that last one.) I'm probably not the girl you remember me to be... ever. In the real world, I work in retail and have too many cats. Yes, I am a crazy old cat lady in training.

Friend, daughter, wife, mother, witch, dreamer.
3 days grace, 80's music, a-ha, accents, action figures, alan rickman, alexander skarsgard, angst, animals, anita blake, anne and todd mccaffrey, antique glassware, apocalyptica, aqua, aragorn, askars, astrology, bad movies, bitching, black eyeliner, black heart procession, bleach, books, brad pitt, btvs, byakuya kuchiki, cake, cats, cemeteries, charlaine harris, chuck palahniuk, concrete blond, death eaters, depeche mode, disturbed, divination, dogs, draco malfoy, ebay, edward norton, eleventh division, elves, eric northman, evanescence, exotic pets, fan fiction, fan videos, fight club, forbidden love, fukm, gay men, gay rights, ghost of the robot, ghosts, ghoultown, gin ichimaru, goats, goddesses, godsmack, green witchcraft, grimmjow jaegerjaquez, harry potter, hating twilight, individuality, insanity, james marsters, jason isaacs, jason statham, jean claude, jim butcher, jushiro ukitake, karen chance, kasabian, kelly armstrong, kidney thieves, kill hannah, kim harrison, kisuke urahara, lifehouse, lilith saintcrow, linkin park, long haired men, lord of the rings, lucius malfoy, marilyn manson, marion zimmer bradley, muse, mythology, naomi novik, nickelback, nin, nirvana, omgwtf, oreos, orlando bloom, oz, paranormal, patricia briggs, piercings, pirates, placebo, potions, queer as folk, quotes, rachel caine, radiohead, rasputina, rats, renji abarai, rpgs, science fiction, severus snape, slash, slash fanfiction, slytherins, snake river conspiracy, solidarity, sookie stackhouse, sosuke aizen, spike, sporks, spuffy, stark, supernatural, tarot cards, tattoos, the cure, tia harribel, tool, true blood, ulquiorra cifer, urban fantasy, uryu ishida, vampires, viggo mortensen, voltaire, were creatures, wereleopards, werewolves, writing, yachiru kusajishi, zaraki kenpachi, zeromancer