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Still alive!

Look, it's me again!

My life has chilled back down again to the normal levels. Woot! I think sometimes that there is just so much going on that something has to give and usually, the journal is the first thing to go and the last thing to be picked back up again.

And is it possible to feel old and immature at the same time?

Today was my son's sixteenth birthday party. Gah, sixteen. That definately makes me feel old. Here's the kicker though. I sat around a table and talked with a bunch of mostly teenaged boys and a couple of girls and we talked about Bleach and had a good natured insult and off color jokiing thing going on and I wondered for a moment if I'm not still functioning on nearly their level at the same time.

Good thing or bad thing, I'm not sure, but it is entirely me. I don't know how else to be other than the way I am. Yes, I still write fan fic and role play online. I still play MORPS and talk crap in them like I'm at the very least in my early 20s to go by the people I play with. My son's girlfriend reads my fan fic. I relate better to the teenagers I work with rather than the older people most of the time.

Eh, my kids don't mind it, the redneck doesn't mind it, my friends don't mind it so I guess everyone who does can just gtfo.

So, work. Yes, Christmas season and retail. Enough said.

RP-wise, I guess I'm back to where I was in September. Brooke and I still have the best critters in the world and nothing gets me through a day like looking forward to hearing her alert on AIM and knowing that she is there, to talk to, to squee with about whatever and to get on with our little virtual crittering.

BTC, meh. I miss it on one level, on another, NOT AT ALL. At the end of the day, it was a chore to write journal posts, it was a chore to interact with and it reminded me of all the reasons I got OUT of gaming that way. I loved BTG in its day. I LOVED BTRC with a firey burning passion when it wasn't OOC drama/angst filled. Still dipping my toes in Zankensouki.

I don't know. Maybe when you have been online RPing for nearly ten years, you have just seen so many players, so many characters and know the types of writers and characters. It leads a person to be wary. That is why I always feel so safe and happy with Brooke and her critters. I know what to expect, I know that I'm not going to get shafted, I know that even if we get things so crazily fucked up that they cannot be repaired, we can call a pause and figure out how to fix them. There is so much comfort and safety in that, but at the same time, we always manage to find new and different ways to keep things fresh, exciting and OMG WHERE WILL THIS END UP?

She owes me a threesome though, where I am writing the one and she is writing the two. :P I am going to hold her to this promise because hi, almost ten years and I am still the one writing the twos to her ones. LOL

So yup, going to go play some Bleach Resolve and relax for a while. I gotta level my Quincy.

OMG work overload!

So before anyone things that I have died, fallen in a hole or are ignoring them, I'm not. I've just got a hella lot more stuff than usual going on this week. It's keeling my online time and my will to do anything other than sleep. Meh. Sorry.
Ugh, my alleriges are kicking my ass.  If I would stop eating things I am not supposed to, but OMG CHEESE AND SPICES AND GOOD THINGS HOW I NEED THEM!  Swollen ankles, headaches and rashes, not so much.


ON a different note, my silicone skins for my Blackberry got here today.  Hee!  And I got 4 different colors rather than just the one white I thought was in the auction.  YAY! 

There is only one thing wrong with the Blackberry curve that I can find and that is that there is no place to hang a phone charm on it.  Dammit, I have too many cute Bleach phone charms.  I just got a precious Gin this week and my Shunsui should be here any day now.  Though I do need a new one on my name tag at work.  The video return box tried to eat the Captain Urahara one I had on there.  It broke the little hanger cord.  BOO!  Stupid Box.

I don't remember what else I was going to say now.  Probably something more about my head hurting.  


Yeah, that would be on the Seanie side of the spectrum.



After around 4 years in phone hell, I went nuts and got off my mother in law's family plan and got my own family plan with the boychild.  I got a Blackberry Curve and he got a Xenon.  Both teh_pretty phones.  Of course with my hours cut at work and crap like that, I had to make a choice of what to cut out of the budget to be able to afford this.  Sadly, my lovely, girly fake nails had to go.  50 bucks a month right there.  Ouch.

BUT  awesome phone, pretty phone, and I suppose I shouldn't really enjoy the fact my mother in law is going to have to eat the penalty fee for dropping my phone from her plan.  Yeah, she should have just let me BUY MYSELF A NEW PHONE!  It's not like I didn't buy her one last time we renewed the contract.  That's right, I bought her a hundred dollar phone and last week, she wouldn't even put forth enough effort to go in with me to get a new one.  I got a crap 4 year old one of my brother-in-law's with semi-pron-esque pics of his 17 year old girlfriend still on it. >.<

On the upside, people who chat with me often have probably noticed the difference in my typing between last night and tonight. The nails came off last night and after a very short adaptation period, typing improved. I will never be typo free or a great typist, but wow, I'm hella faster and more mistake free now.  It's kinda nifty!

Also, I have learned over time that old critters never die, they just reincarnate.  Ever since <lj user=bradeatspeeps> sent me a link to my very old, very hysterical muse page from YEARS ago, I've found link between the old muses and new critters.  LMFAO  Today, I am almost positive that <lj user=captaininpink> has his very roots in Sarcastic!Kane and Stubborn!Glenn.  God, he is a sucker for a hard luck case. >.<  I can only hope she's more Tormented!Shane than Shy!Seanie.

Thus ends the part of the post that no one else understands.


I wonder if there is actually a patron god or goddess of insomniacs.  Where were they last night when I set up  http://captaininpink.livejournal.com/profile ? Why did the heavens not open and smite me with lightning?  See boys and girls, THIS is why sleeping pills were invented!

Bleach Anime #230... Really guys?

Well guys, looks like we're in for the long haul. They're digging a pretty deep hole and stuffing it with... FILLER!

Now with more 'Fan Pleasing' Goodness!Collapse )

Jul. 30th, 2009

Today, I just want to kick something and scream. I hate everyone and everything.  Sad thing?  I had a great day yesterday and nothing's really changed.  F My Life.  This post sponsored by fmylife.com

Anita Blake: UPDATE

So, I have still been reading away on the Anita Blake series. I finished Obsidian Butterfly earlier.

That marks the end of the series I felt decently about. It was the last book I could point at and say, "Yes, this was a good one". It was a downer, but it was fairly well written. I can't point to any glaring book ruining problems with it. It almowst felt like an experiment though. Sort of a writing excercise of 'Can I write Anita without the boys?". It held up to that extent. Anita went off on her own with the only other familiar character on board being Edward. We didn't KNOW enough about Edward for him to be familiar, so instead it became a fleshing out Edward experience. Fine by me. Edward is the one character pulling me back into the series, so of course a book heavy on him is going to suit me.

The downer, Anita realizes she is fucked up, either she already is or is well on her way to being a sociopath. Um, I think she's a big hypocrit too, but no one asked me. That was kind of sledgehammered home when the person she has the most in common with is Olaf the creepy woman-hating serial killer. Ha, but he did see the crux of the matter. Anita DOES have victim profiles. She kills the powerful female vamps who piss her off, she kills necromancers who could teach her how to control her power, she kills sexy male vamps who could take away her control, she kills anyone who... oh fuck that, there's no pattern other than anyone that threatens her or hurts 'one of hers'. She's tired, she's burned out on the killing...

and if you go by the few things I have heard LKH said about things, that is where she was too. The crime, the killings, the buckets of blood and bodyparts were getting to her while she was writing them. So, since she was under a very lucrative contract which I am sure had very nice checks attached to them, she didn't quit writing the books. She went in another direction. That being huge cocks, neutered S&M instead of serial killing and lots and lots of sex. Right... on we go.

I started Narcissus in Chains immediately. I love the character of Narcissus. Crossdressing werehyena? WIN! Why do I love him so much? First, LKH could have went the route of making him swishy, she resisted. Secondly, he makes Jean Claude metaphorically shit his pants and remember that for hundreds of years, he was pretty much anyone and everyone's bitch. I love a character with some nice deep flaws and trauma. That he's a bisexual hottie never hurts either. Wait, was I talking about JC or Narci? OH IT MATTERS NOT!

But yes, I'm to the part in the book where stupoid Michah has come into play and now the book will focus on whether or not Anita is actually a shifter now or not. (Which will be echoed in a later book by is she preggers or not.) Meh, of course she isn't a shifter and as far as I remember, she isn't remotely pregnant in the later book. That, folks, is what in wrasslin, we call cheap heat. Fuck the deeper plot or working to build tension to later resolve in the book, let's go with the cheapest easiest ploys to build suspense. Then look, the work is practically done to resolve them. It's a yes or no question even! It's lazy writing. It's worse when there's not much other storyline to hold it up. Oh there is some external bad guy and there is even a twist or two, but the focus is on Anita's personal shit, so that shit should be complex enough to warrant shoving real story on the back burner.

I've always said this but I LOVE her world. I love how things work in her world. The vampires, their human servants, the vampires' powers, necromancy, weres, how every mythological beastie seamlessly fits into this dark, beautiful world I would give pieces of my body to live in. Biologists stuying groups of trolls in the wild, stuffed Quetzalcoatls in museums. Maybe there are only so many things like that she can drop in a book and still have room to make up more. Maybe I expect too much from her. Maybe I just want my fucking fix of a world that seems so well crafted that writing about it seems like it wouldn't be that much work.

I want the books to get better again. I want to know what happens to the characters I love. Dammit, I want it to be a glitch or a couple of books worth of slump. Im just afraid it's become just so much supernatural pron and I'm going to be disappointed. As if James Dean had lived and he was doing the 'diabeetus' commercials instead of Wilfred Brimley.

Bleach chapter 365

OMG, SHINJI HIRAKU, HOW I LOVE YOU!  You make me want to write Ichigo/Shinji and yet, I WILL NOT!  BUT I LOVE YOU ALL THE SAME!

See, I kept that remarkably spoiler free, considering.